Empowering the Impaired with a 'VISION'

Atmadeepam Society Nagpur has been registered in the year 2012 by its Founder President Smt. Jidnyasa Kubde Chawaldhal for Computer Education, Training, Rehabilitation and Holistic Development of Physically Impaired persons especially Visually Impaired/Blind. She is Visually Impaired, diagnosed as Retinitis Pigmentosa (100% Blind).

Enabling the Differently-Abled

Computer Education



Holistic Activities

Training Projects

Computer Courses

Atmadeepam has Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology (MSCIT course) - mandatory for Government Jobs in Maharashtra, Ms Office and Tally courses for VI/Blind who learn computer skills with the help of JAWS and NVDA (which are screen reading software).

Computer Typewriting

Initially Atmadeepam conducted English/Marathi/Hindi typewriting teaching courses for four years for VI/Blind to make them eligible for Government jobs and help them pursue higher education. Now we have Computer Typewriting teaching courses.

Call Centre Training and Rehabilitation

Atmadeepam has executed a project of Vodafone call center training and rehabilitation project for one year from 2013-14 for the disabled.

Independent Living Skills Project

Atmadeepam has Independent Living Skills project for VI/Blind persons to teach them daily living skills including simple cooking, family life education, personality development and mobility etc. to help them become independent and to get well-adjusted in the family and society too.

Competitive Examination Preparation Coaching

Competitive Examination Preparation Coaching Classes for various examinations are being conducted for differently-abled students and support them in all paths of their careers

Social Activities and Opportunities

Through various social activities, we create opportunities for differently-abled people to build social connections or relations and engage and empower them to be active participants in creating a more disabled-friendly community.

Other Activities

Personality Development Workshops

Personality development activities, lectures, and workshops are held. Family life education, Kitchen orientation, financial literacy, legal awareness, android phone operations and ATM operations.

Atmadeepam Sargam

As apart of rehabilitation, for social and cultural development of VI/Blind persons we have started “Atmadeepam Sargam “ musical group which provides a platform for music related activities and perform as a group on stage. A variety of musical programs such as orchestra , gazals , geet,and bhajan etc are performed

Readers and Writers Club

Atmadeepam society Nagpur formed a “Readers & Writers Club “ to help the visually impaired/ blind students read and write for examinations. This club also benefits handicapped students who need writer for their examinations.

Upcoming Projects

Livelihood Creation

Research and Development

Sports Academy

Our Impact

We’re proud of how far we’ve come and the impact our efforts have made in the lives of differently-abled people










Sports Events


Career Guidance and Counselling


Legal Aid and Legal Literacy



Other Projects

Encouraging us to push forward no matter what

Pedal Operated Agarbatti Making Unit Rehabillitation

One peddle operated Agarbatti making unit rehabilitation project for visually impaired & Blind persons

Parents - Students Support Group

We formed the parents student  group to ensure that the parents of the visually impaired blind student can discuss about their child’s progress , get to know about opportunity for their children and play an important part in their growth.

Sports include outdoor games, Cricket

For physical activity, we arrange sports for our students which include Cricket, Outdoor games,  Yoga, Safe indoor and outdoor travel techniques.

Message from Jidnyasa Kubde Chawaldhal

My experience of the last thirty years, being myself disabled, working in the field of Disability, makes me believe that journey of life is from disability to disability and that disability is situational. As such disability is a social responsibility. Societal inclusion for people with disability, including in education, employment and access to technology is mutually beneficial. In a supportive and accessible social environment, disability turns into an asset. 

It is no more a burden, it is rather a skill and expertise and should be viewed as strength. People with visible and less visible disabilities need to be empowered with education, skill training and access to technology, so that they feel fulfilled by becoming socially active and contributing members of society.

Awards & Recognitions

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Together, we can bring more smiles and ensure lasting change.

Please donate for a good cause. Your help means a lot for us as we utilize these funds for the welfare and rehabilitation of differently abled people, especially visually impaired people. We use these donations for training them to earn a living and make them self-dependant.