Jidnyasa Kubde Chawaldhal

Hello Friends! I am jidnyasa! People recognize me as a woman of substance who neither gives up nor stops dreaming.

My story is little different. On the threshold of teenage, my eyesight started deteriorating gradually due to Retinitis Pigmentosa with Macular Degeneration- Disability 100% Blindness.

This bodily disability triggered mental upheaval-churning inside the heart. I lost eyesight but retained vision of life. I realized, I can SEE MYSELF even without EYES. With this new gift of God, like a Phoenix, I emerged with empathy for all the disabled. My journey started with working as Hon. Assistant Teacher for slow learners who inspired my to be Holistic Healing Therapist for all the suffering people including disabled and Visually Impaired/Blind. Learning Digital Technology empowered me to work for empowerment of all the disabled especially Visually Impaired/Blind Boys and Girls who are a part of my extended family.

Please continue to bless me with your love & support

An all encompassing feeling of fellowship of pain became a positive driving force of creativity for me. For over three decade, with your blessing and financial support, I am giving my level best to fulfil His expectations. I really feel privileged and blessed for the opportunity God has given me. Please continue to bless me with your love and support and keep appreciating my honest and sincere efforts. Thank you.